Who Is Veterinary Imaging Center?

group VIC 2 2015Veterinary Imaging Center of South Texas, P.A. (VIC) is a referral only specialty center, which offers diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine services in small animals. As a referral only practice, you must receive a referral from your veterinarian in order for you to see the specialists at VIC. VIC is an extension of your veterinarian in that we strive to extend the services of your pet's primary care veterinarian by providing specialized imaging and diagnostic procedures with expert interpretation. We offer state of the art diagnostic imaging technology in an all-digital center with unsurpassed quality and service. The staff at Veterinary Imaging Center of South Texas, P.A. works closely with your own veterinarian and other specialists to offer the best service possible for the patients.

Veterinary Imaging Center of South Texas, P.A. specializes in the non-surgical treatment of Feline Hyperthyroidism through radioactive iodine treatment. This treatment has a 96-99% success rate for curing Feline Hyperthyroidism with a single injection. For more information, see our brochure on Feline Hyperthyroidism or the section on Radioactive Iodine Treatment.


What is Our Mission?

The mission of Veterinary Imaging Center of South Texas, P.A. (VIC) is to provide the South Texas area with high quality, state of the art, diagnostic imaging services and advanced imaging procedures, while providing excellent care to our patients. We also strive to maintain an excellent working relationship with our referring veterinarians and clients.


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